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WTP Eclipse project generation from Maven configuration

The maven ‘eclipse’ plugin is a bit outdated, but very useful. I had some issues when generating eclipse configuration specifically for web projects.
Here is a description on how I managed to configure the plugin finally !

This configuration generates an Eclipse project configuration when you run mvn eclipse:eclipse. All you have to do then is to import the project into Eclipse by running the File>Import menu entry in Eclipse

This configuration fixes some issues I used to have with mvn-generated Eclipse projects :

  • utf-8 encoding for all text files
  • good versions in project’s facets (servlet 3.0, java 1.6, javascript 1.0)
  • Correct web-specific settings (web root directory location, and use of the jar dependencies in the webapp)
  • Spring-enabled project nature

The plugins section of the pom.xml looks like that :





		<!-- Settings for generating eclipse project -->
							  <fixed facet=""/>
							  <fixed facet="jst.web"/>
							  <installed facet="" version="${java.version}"/>
							  <installed facet="jst.web" version="${servlet-api.version}"/>
							  <installed facet="wst.jsdt.web" version="1.0"/>


You may also have to ensure that you gave a value to the M2_REPO variable in the Eclipse settings points to your local .m2/repository.

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